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A Walk Around The Lake

A Concept-Map of Spiritual Being

My head is still spinning from a chat around the lake with a new friend.  Analogy of the car accident as an incident of the Big Bang is floating in thought, but it won't come out just yet....perhaps more to follow soon.  In relation, a quote from the late Umberto Eco comes to mind from the novel entitled "Foucault's Pendulum"

Suppose the automobile existed only to serve as a metaphor of creation?


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The Fisher King with Trochoid

Le Roi-Pecheur et Graal avec le Limaçon de Pascal

Here is a scene from the movie "The Fisher King" with late R.Williams, whose refers to himself as "Perry".  This is a nickname for Sir Perceval, who in the legend sees the Holy Grail at the house of the Fisher King, after somehow joining in the service of Arthur. 

Incidently, doesn't everyone get compliments from fashion like this jacket?  In fact, I had a tailor make a suit with this pattern back in 1998 in Nepal.  In this article I seek to show how one figure complements anonther.

Here are images of a (conical) trochoid using the same color-scheme.

Voilà la formule.

Pour trouver la figure dans tasse

Et encore par un autre.  The limaçon surface is developed from sheets of filo dough and paper.  Insofar as it serves an experiment in diffusion, the cup held white wine and the boat pure water.  Six sheets of filo dough form a watertight seal, whereas only four permit diffusion.  Osmosis was not observed with these materials.

Another creation involves using the hibiscus leaf and standard, copy paper. Possibly the osmosis occurs across the leaf surface, as over a week of floating, the hull's fluid volume decreased relative to the volume in pool. Possibly it was just through evaporation. Next attempt could involve a stain or ink to watch if it leaves without the boat sinking.

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Vulcan or Buddhist

The Search for Spock and Situpa Rinpoche

Can anyone tell which is which?



Hint:  Buddhists don't have pointy ears.

The Well-Read Matter of Plutarch on Romulus

Now there was a wild fig-tree hard by, which they called Ruminalis, either from Romulus, as is generally thought, or because cud-chewing, or ruminating, animals spent the noon-tide there for the sake of the shade, or best of all, from the suckling of the babes there; for the ancient Romans called the teat "ruma," and a certain goddess, who is thought to preside over the rearing of young children, is still called Rumilia, in sacrificing to whom no wine is used, and libations of milk are poured over her victims. 2 Here, then, the babes lay, and the she-wolf of story here gave them suck,4 and a woodpecker came to help in feeding them and to watch over them. Now these creatures are considered sacred to Mars, and the woodpecker is held in especial veneration and honour by the Latins, and this was the chief reason why the mother was believed when she declared that Mars was the father of her babes. And yet it is said that she was deceived into doing this, and was really deflowered by Amulius himself, who came to her in armour and ravished her.

The Red Planet


Character Comparison to School

Ladyhawke College Chatterly
Bishop Faculty Lord
Captain Staff Woodcutter
Girlfriend Student Lady

The Inquisition Dream

Everything that happens, the inquisitor tries to make it seem like evidence, always proceeding as if the ends justify the means.  However, the ends don’t justify them, but the inquisitor never remembers, and so every allegation is unjustified and inconclusive, and the process repeats ad infinitum.   The trial is ongoing, putting the defense in check yet never checkmate.  The prosecutor can’t dismiss the case and prolongs it, presuming that enough time put in eventually leads to a confession.   If the defense is not able at some point to discredit the opposition, then there would seem not ever to be an acquittal.  This mood of inquisition has lasted for at least seven years, every waking hour of my life, as if I am the defendant.

The Tree of Knowledge and Tarski's Paradox

Stealing the Fruit without Getting Caught

Suppose that the fruit of knowledge fits into a sphere, and so is it possible to cut the fruit, at least conceivably, into a number of pieces, so that reassembling later leads to a pair of fruit like the first?  If Tarski's paradox be true, then Adam and Eve would lie to say that  in the garden of Eden, there would seem no fewer fruits, regardless of work in consuming such.

The Sure Thing

Confidance Interval Measure Theory

Interdisciplinary Philomath
 Affinity Matrix mathematics (Statistics) philosophy (Althusser)
 Part A interpolation interpellation
 Part B regression repression


Book of Job, Projected
education government
wealth poverty
man society
Job Nympho


The Society of a Particular Non-Negativity

what a concept!


Osmotic Siphon

Water into Wine